spring lake Portfolio Manager

Why brokerage statements don't show performance

Because brokerages really don't want you to know how your investments are doing. Our software, Spring Lake Portfolio Manager, uses an internal rate of return calculation that takes into account the time value of cash flows (purchases and sales) and gives you performance numbers on individual securities as well as portfolios. Now you'll know how you're really doing in the market! To learn more about Portfolio Manager check out SOFTWARE above.

almost free 30 day trial

We are offering a 30-day trial CD of Portfolio Manager for $10. This covers our shipping and handling costs. The CD contains a fully functional version of the program. When you order your copy of Portfolio Manager, we will deduct $10 from your purchase price. Use ORDER above for the details.

Investor's ScoreCard customers

You can purchase the new product using ORDER above. If you'd like to view 's, report problems, or request enhancements, click on SUPPORT above.

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ATCS2 traffic manager

ATCS2 Traffic Manager is a program that works with ATCsimulator2 from Aerosoft Corp., and allows the user to manage many aspects of air traffic in a sector.

ATCsimulator2 is the premier air traffic control simulation for the PC. It allows the user to control the commercial and general aviation arriving and departing traffic at any of 120 TRACON sectors within the US.

17 July 2005: Version Update: ATCS2 Traffic Manager Version 1.30 is available!

Click here to download ATCS2 Traffic Manager
File Size 5.5 Mbytes.