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january 2006

launch of NEW business PARTNER PROGRAM

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, January 11, 2006 - Spring Lake Software, Inc., a leading software developer of wealth management solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its Business Partner Program. The new program enables Spring Lake's partners to profit from the company's flagship product- Spring Lake Portfolio Manager. Spring Lake Portfolio Manager is designed for financial professionals as well as high-net-worth individuals and families. The software is a powerful professional-quality investment management and tracking system.

Spring Lake's partner program is made up of industry leading Technology Partners, Resellers and Affiliates. The program will enable companies to provide, recommend or sell Spring Lake Portfolio Manager within the high-net-worth market. "Spring Lake creates a strong working relationship with our partners to solve the challenges of personal financial management," said Thomas Murdock, president of Spring Lake Software. "Through our partner program, Spring Lake Partners can attract and retain high-net-worth individuals and families, and empower the professionals who work with them."

Working with Spring Lake enables partners to drive deeper customer relationships by meeting their financial management needs. There are several advantages to becoming a Spring Lake Business Partner. By offering Spring Lake Portfolio Manager, companies are able to:

For more information about our partner program visit our partner page.

november 2005

SpringLake Portfolio Manager version 3.4 released. Historical Quote Retrieval is now supported! Portfolio valuations can be calculated for past trading dates, and warnings will be displayed if there are transactions dated subsequent to the desired prior trading date.

october 2005

SpringLake Portfolio Manager version 3.3 released. Support for tax-qualified dividends now included. There is also a new Quick Start Wizard which will help new users get up and running quickly and easily. The Securities Library has a new typeahead feature to help you find securities, and there is a new Available Cash report.

july 2005

ATCS2 Traffic Manager version 1.30 introduced. See SOFTWARE above for details and tour the features. Click on the link on the homepage to download. This new version allows processing and merging of arriving and departing flight data captured during a live feed ATCS2 session into the current sector.

may 2005

ATCS2 Traffic Manager version 1.29 introduced. See SOFTWARE above for details and tour the features.

April 2005

SpringLake Portfolio Manager 3.1 update released. New type-ahead and "show portfolios where occurs" features in the Securities Library view. New cash account fees and service charges report. New sub-totals on the cash deposits and withdrawals reports. Taxable flag defaults to "true" when entering dividends and interest. Securities Capitalization reports now support mutual fund total return. Manual quote data entry improved. Various minor bug fixes.

August 2004

SpringLake Portfolio Manager released! It's been nearly two years in the making and you're probably wondering what's it's all about!   While Spring Lake Portfolio Manager is a complete rewrite of Investor's ScoreCard, much of what people liked about the old product is in the new product as well.   Many of the features were redesigned to give a cleaner, simpler interface.   Additionally, the product was rewritten to keep it current with the latest technology.   Generally this means it's faster, more efficient, more secure, and plays better with others.

We're proud to say that Portfolio Manager is Microsoft Certified for Windows XP. That means it's a "well behaved" application in a Windows environment.

Probably the biggest change is in the user interface.

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