A Previous User of Quicken Software

As a user of TPM software since its inception and now using Investor's ScoreCard, I cannot rave enough.  I thought TPM was good; this is even better in enhancements and features.  The transition took about 10 minutes and that included loading the software and resetting my converted data.  Management was very helpful in the entire process - from exporting my data files to the return of the converted data.  I truly think this is the greatest.  I was using TPM without benefit of market data updates, simply because I could find nothing else that handled my needs as well until now.  Keep of up the good work.....WM, New York

A Long Time Quicken User

As a long time Quicken user, I was disappointed by the way they handled investments.  Then I found Investor's ScoreCard and my problem was solved.  It is easy to use and has a powerful set of reports to display my data in any number of ways.  Now it's very easy to see how my investments are doing.  A terrific program....JP, Missouri

A Financial Professional

I received your (email) message concerning JD's problem.  JD spent several hours in my office today ..... I mentioned to him your message concerning his system.  He stated he is so impressed with your customer service and how much you have done in working on his issue.  This did not surprise me at all.  I appreciate your service and will continue to suggest ScoreCard to people in this industry.  Thanks!  ...  KR, Ohio

A Professional Investment Advisor

I have been using your software for many years now.  First with the old DOS version and now with your latest windows version.  May I say how invaluable this has been for me in the area of private wealth management.  The ability to be able to easily download quotes at any time, to keep track of all transactions, to have portfolio values at hand, to to review asset allocations any time I wish is of great value to me.  Then to have a capital gains tax report available at any time, both realized and unrealized, is of great use in making investment decisions.  Of course running the Schedule D report for short or long term capital gains saves me considerable time at year end.  I have several bond mutual funds which declare dividends monthly, all of which are reinvested.  To do this and to keep track of the tax aspects automatically is a very valuable feature.  I could go on as there are many other great features, but these are the ones most important to me.  Finally, I would have been lost without your technical support over these many years.  Your prompt response and many helpful ideas are greatly appreciated.  Not many firms are willing to do this without significant fees.  ....OG, California.